We're There for You and Your Child

In our work, we put great focus on one thing - the welfare and education of your child. In order to properly encourage your child's personal and academic development, our professional educators follow a unique pedagogic approach that combines academic excellence with a free-spirited and playful atmosphere for learning.


Our teachers regularly participate in educational seminars and always bring new ideas and input to their daily tasks. These ideas are passed on to your child in playful exercises and diligent study sessions.


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Mrs. Jamie

Owner of Kids Korner


With Kids Korner since



Main tasks

Administration, teaching




Accredited, CDA, Mother, Over 20 years experience




 To always provide a safe, loving educational, enviroment for you child to grow and explore!


Mrs. Niki


 Mrs. Niki has been with Kids Korner since the day it opened. Niki is the sister of Jaime and together they have built a great safe loving enviroment for your children. Niki brings the sports, fun, and edge to Kids Korner!! Niki is a mother of two, and worked in a daycare center for 10 years prior to Kids Korner. Niki was in the Navy for 4 years and also was a stay at home mom. Niki will be the fun that every kid needs and will make sure your kids are kept safe and loved while your away!